Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Freeforce a collective?

Yes. The Freeforce is also a community, a non-profit foundation, consisting of a wide selection of freelancers in advertising in the Netherlands and Belgium. You are free to contact them directly through their own website, email and/or telephone number, available on our website. Communicating their availability, rates and terms & conditions are their own responsibility.

How can I judge the quality of a Freeforce member by profile?

All listed professionals have been recommended by at least 4 other professionals in the industry. These names are published with their profile. Our advise would be to look for names of professionals you trust. Furthermore most Freeforce members publish a link of their portfolio and you can ask them for more specific recommendations by sending an e-mail of call them.

Will The Freeforce eventually become a new ad agency?

No. The Freeforce is and always will be a non-profit collective of freelancers.

Is The Freeforce pushing freelance agents out of the market?

Certainly not. We merely aim to direct our clients to a selection of freelancers matching their search. Members are welcome to display the details of their agent.

What is the history of The Freeforce?

The Freeforce was first founded by Tim Voors, Taco Zuidema and Pascal Boogaert in 2009.
In 2012 Machteld Rijnten replaced Pascal Boogaert. In 2013 Anouk Stofmeel joined the board and we became a non-profit foundation. In November 2015 Pascal returned to the board. Together with Michel van Duyvenbode, Carlo Groot and Susanne van Nierop they replaced Tim, Taco, Machteld and Anouk.

Can I find every freelancer in the Netherlands on The Freeforce?

No. The Freeforce is a collective of recommended freelancers in advertising. Members need to collect 4 recommendations from their professional network, and donate the annual contribution, before becoming a member.

How much does membership of the Freeforce cost?

Membership of The Freeforce requires a contribution of € 100 per year, and 4 recommendations from professionals in our industry. All contributions go to the foundations’ activities, such as promotion of the network, events and maintaining the website. The foundation does not strive to make any profit.

When I join later in the year, do I pay less?

Joining mid-year is possible, but this will mean you will be invoiced for a full years membership except if you join us in the last quarter (Q4) of the year. Then we will accept your membership with a 50% discount. You will receive the full membership invoice for the following year in January.

What do I get as a Freeforce member?
  • You will belong to our club and can connect with likeminded colleagues to collaborate and share knowledge with.
  • You will improve your network and can be found by more agencies and clients.
  • You will have a personalized and sharable Freeforce profile on our website.
  • You will share in the PR value created by The Freeforce members.
  • You will be invited to step up to The Freeforce stage. Initiate your own Inspiration Night or help other members to realize theirs.
  • As a member you can attend Freeforce events for free or with a huge discount.
  • You can add the Freeforce ribbon to your social avatar (Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin)
  • You can order personalized The Freeforce business cards (additional €20)

How do I become a member?

Click the ‘Join’ button on the upper right hand site of the website and follow the instructions.

Are agencies or clients charged for access to The Freeforce database?

No. Agencies and clients have free and open access to our database. They can contact our freelancers directly.

Does The Freeforce support UNICEF?

Yes, The Freeforce supports the work of UNICEF.

How accurate are the listings?

Members of The Freeforce are responsible for their own content on their profiles. If a member is no longer a freelancer, he or she needs to inform us straight away. His or her membership will then be cancelled, and the profile taken offline.

I have recommended a freelancer in the past, but don’t want my name connected with this freelancer on the site. Can you delete my name?

Please email us if you don’t agree with your name being connected to a freelancer. We will take your name off the website and request the freelancer to provide us with another recommendation.

Is the information about the freelancer private?

Not necessarily. When freelancers become a member, it is their responsibility to decide which information is shared with the public.

What are tags for?

Tags help agencies and clients find the right freelancer. It narrows the search and presents the best freelancers matching the selected criteria.

How do I end my membership?

You can resign your membership by sending a resignation letter to: The Freeforce, Marsstraat 111, 2024GC HAARLEM. You will receive a confirmation of your resignation. You can end your membership at any time, but at the latest before December 1st. After that, your membership is automatically renewed for the following calendar year. Please note that terminating your membership will mean that your profile will go offline immediately, and that you can no longer make use of the benefits as listed above.

Can I continue my membership if I am not freelancing anymore?

No. If you accept a regular job, or otherwise are no longer a freelancer in advertising in The Netherlands, please inform us at Your membership will be terminated immediately to keep the site up to date for clients and colleagues. The paid annual contribution cannot be refunded.

About The Freeforce

The Freeforce is a non-profit Foundation that gathers together freelance talent in the advertising industry in order to collaborate, share knowledge and strengthen the position of freelancers. Together we’re stronger, an authority. A club that organizes events to connect, share knowledge and stimulates collaboration. Members are carefully selected, recommended by professionals.

Services for Agencies

  • No agency intermediation fee
  • Free overview of professional freelancers in the industry
  • Free overview of acquired disciplines to create great campaigns
  • Search and select through tags or by name
  • Book freelancers directly
  • Insight in recommendations by industry professionals


Since 2009 The Freeforce has been sponsored by This Page Amsterdam. Their developers team in Amsterdam helped build the website and have been of great value in advising the Foundation as is it grows. All Brands and Agencies are welcome to sponsor the Foundation. Please mail us to get an overview of the sponsorship benefits.

The Freeforce Supports

Since 2009, The Freeforce has supported UNICEF by several fundraising events, and intends to continue working together with UNICEF in the future.

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