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About The Freeforce

The Freeforce is a non-profit Foundation that gathers together freelance talent in the advertising industry in order to collaborate, share knowledge and strengthen the position of freelancers. Together we’re stronger, an authority. A club that organizes events to connect, share knowledge and stimulates collaboration. Members are carefully selected, recommended by professionals.

Services for Agencies

  • No agency intermediation fee
  • Free overview of professional freelancers in the industry
  • Free overview of acquired disciplines to create great campaigns
  • Search and select through tags or by name
  • Book freelancers directly
  • Insight in recommendations by industry professionals


Since 2009 The Freeforce has been sponsored by This Page Amsterdam. Their developers team in Amsterdam helped build the website and have been of great value in advising the Foundation as is it grows. All Brands and Agencies are welcome to sponsor the Foundation. Please mail us to get an overview of the sponsorship benefits.

The Freeforce Supports

Since 2009, The Freeforce has supported UNICEF by several fundraising events, and intends to continue working together with UNICEF in the future.

Sponsors This Page Amsterdam